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How to Lower Your Credit Card’s Interest Rate
Supreme Court hears case on lawyers’ liability as debt collectors
Inflation, Job Market and Adjusting Your Savings
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Nation’s Foreclosure Problems Continue Despite Programs
Protecting Your Tax Refund If You Haven’t Filed For Bankruptcy Yet
Lowering Credit Card Balances
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Balance Transfer Credit Cards–the Bigger Picture
How Different Mortgages Loan Lengths Work
ETrade 100 Commissions Free Promotion
Difference Between Lowering Debt And Looking for Good Deals
Why is Everyone Buying Gold Coins?
Can I choose to leave some debts off my bankruptcy petition?
3.00% APY for 45-month Online Certificate of Deposit with Reliabank Dakota
I Need Financial Help!
The Simple Secret to Successful Savings
What are the quick ways to repair your credit along with Common mistakes that should be avoided altogether?
Credit Card Fraud Rocketed in 2009
FHA Sees a Rise in Loan Default Payouts
Paper or Plastic? What to consider about paying for the little things.
When to Pay Yourself Rather than Your Debt
Why Layoffs Don’t Work
Student Credit Cards Become Less Dangerous Next Week
Ups & Downs of Recession-Surviving Tactics
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HSBC Advance Online Banking
Tips and Tricks for Off Campus Living (and Saving Money too!)
Financial Matters: Two Ways to Buy Furniture
When Your Town Goes Bust
I have heard a lot on Credit Repair Scams can you enlighten me about it?
How to Avoid Bad Credit
3.51% APY top reward checking account interest rates with Aspire Federal Credit Union
Powerful Savings Through an FSA
Wake Up to Credit Repair
The “Follow Me Down” Phenomenon
How long can I stay in my house when I file for bankruptcy and stop paying my mortgage?
Maintaining Your Good Credit
North East sees IVA and Bankruptcy cases soar
Subtle Credit Repair Secrets
Small Business Loans Along With Bulk Food Items
Salary Requirements for an Auto Loan Part I
Practical Realities of Credit Repair
Mortgage Woes After The Mortgage Crisis
Home loans on the rise as interest levels remain low
Anticipating Bankruptcy: Plan Now To Avoid Forfeiting A Tax Refund To Your Bankruptcy Trustee
How To Save On Bad Credit Auto Loans
Facts For Consumers From The Federal Trade Commission
Financial Reform Now The Law of the Land
Debtor Faces Judgment And Bankrutpcy With His Name On Title To His Parents’ Home: Will The House Survive?
Preparing Adequately Before Taking An Auto Loan
S&P/Experian Confirm Declining Trend of Mortgage Default Rates
U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Addresses Appreciation Of Debtor’s Assets During Bankruptcy Case
Fraud Alert: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and The Bright Side
Bad Credit Auto Loans and How to Find Them
Hooray For Another Honest Bankruptcy Debtor!
Some Differences between Direct and Indirect Bad Credit Auto Loans
Reverse Robinhood-Take From The Poor, Give Back To The Rich
Salary Obligations for a Bad Credit Auto Loan
Credit Repair Steps Out of Bankruptcy
You Should Monitor Your Credit Score
Credit Report Bad News
Bank of England Keeps Rates at Record Low
What is the Process of Filing for Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy Lawyers in Fort Answer Your Questions
When You End Up Marrying Your Spouse’s Debt
Insolvencies Drop For First Time Since 2007
Errors to watch out on a Credit report
Buying A House? How To Save A Small Fortune
Reaffirmation Of Mortgage Note In Chapter 7: Interesting Post By Atlanta Attorney
Bankruptcy “an option” for Duchess of York
Access Credit Reports Online for Free
Sweet Budget Tips for Credit Repair
1.2million Turn To Payday Loans
Credit Report Check Now a Necessity
Bankruptcies and Credit Reports
Students Should Start Building Good Credit History
Business insolvencies down a third in July
Meeting the Challenge of Credit Repair
Threatened Woman Sues Debt Collecting Company
Budget will “hit poor hardest”, study claims
Debt Management and Credit Repair Connections
Auto Loans For You And I
The Price Of Perfection
Recession fails to stop shopaholics, survey claims
Protecting the Country While Protecting Your Name
Improving Your Credit Scores Fast with Credit Repair
Consumers may be better off letting old debts die
Banks write-off £40m a day in personal debts
Judgement Creditor Serves Writ Of Garnishment Upon Chapter 13 Trustee And Gets Debtor’s Money
Make a Better Review of Your Credit Report
Banks to offer £5 notes through cash machines
How to Profit From Credit Repair Services
Fixing Your Credit Report
Interest rates remain at 0.5%
Don’t File Bankruptcy Just Because You Are Liable For Upside Down Mortgage
Interest to be waived over back-tax debts
Americans Now Studying What to Look For In a Credit Report
Credit Repair Services To-Do List
Student Loan Debts Overtake Credit Cards
People are now vigilant in Filing a Dispute on Wrong Info on your Credit Reports
What is an irrevocable trust?
More Companies checking Up on Applicant’s Credit Reports
Pre-Bankruptcy Planning Gets Attorney In Trouble When Legal Help Crosses The Line
Six Quick Credit Repair Strategies Anyone Can Use
Mortgage Lending Drops in August
Inheritance From Parents’ Revocable Living Trust Within 180 Days Is Not Captured In Debtor’s Bankruptcy Estate
Report Shows Ways to Protect Against Identity Theft
Councils Charging For Paying Bills By Credit Card
Can Chapter 13 Debtor Add A Second Mortgage Strip To An Already Confirmed Chapter 13 Plan?
League table of Bank Complaints Published by FSA
Professional vs. Consumer Credit Card Offers: Do You Know the Difference?
Minimum wage rises to £5.93
Local Business Owner Arrested for Identity Theft and Falsifying Loans
Chapter 7 Debtors May Have To Reaffirm Personal Liability On Mortgage In Order To Keep House
Tips About How To Save Within Banks
Discharge Of Student Loan In Chapter 13: One Debtor Got Away With It
Building Credit Score With a Used Auto Loan
Identity Thief Arrested at Lynyrd Skynyrd Concert
Number Of Tax Dependents Does Not Determine Household For Bankruptcy Means Test
Chapter 7 Debtor Defers Income Tax Refund And Protects The Money From His Bankruptcy Trustee
Getting a Good Used Auto Loan
Firms Warned to Issue Full Disclosure
What is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
Report shows online shoppers run greater risk of fraud
Client Sells Former Residence And Pays Down Mortgage On Current Homestead: Fraudulent Conversion?
What happens to my house if I file bankruptcy?
Pay On Death Account Paid To Debtor Within Six Months Of Chapter 7 Filing
What Needs to be in a Plan of Reorganization?
How to Use Bankruptcy to Your Advantage
Pre-Bankruptcy Plan To Cram Down Mortgage On Homestead Property : Will It Work?
The Truth About Most 37 Days To Clean Credit Reviews
Spend Now Pay Later
Personal Bankruptcy and Business Formation
Credit Repair for the Long Term
What are Bankruptcy Law Statutes?
Credit Scores May Be Hurt By Lender Errors
Credit Repair for Really Damaged Credit
When Should I Contact a U.S. Trustee?
Court Disallows Mortgage Lender’s Standard Bankruptcy Fee In Its Secured Claim
US military releases details on data breach
Should I Hire a Chapter 7 Attorney?
Exemption Of Jointly Titles Sail Boat With Broken Motor
Many Relying on Credit to Fund Lifestyles
Credit Score Help From Capital Hill
Unemployed Debtors And Chapter 7 Means Test
Creditor Harassment FAQ
Refinancing On Bad Credit Auto Loans
New Credit Card Applications Can Hurt Credit Scores
Thoughts About Car Values In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Who Do I Call For a Chapter 13 Attorney?
Same Names Can Create Credit Report Problems
Credit Score Average Drops for Approved Car Loans
Negotiating A Discount When Buying Back Non-Exempt Assets From Chapter 7 Trustee
Reasons Why You Should Not Take Up An Auto Loan
Housing Market Crystal Ball
Credit Mix: Another Credit-Score Factor to Consider
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Treatment Of Tax Refund From Exempt Income Sources
Consumers Should Reject Credit Card Offers Responsibly
How To Negotiate And Bargain For An Auto Loan
The first month is a good time to review the credit report
Free Credit Score
Can Florida Bankruptcy Debtor Exempt Entireties Assets From Debt Incurred In A Community Property State?
Students Should Think About Credit Scores and Retirement Now
Can You Get Loans and Credit Cards After Bankruptcy?
CML Reports Stagnating Mortgage Market
The sources of financial grants for single mothers
Federal Reserve Publishes New Document About Credit Notices
Wachovia Bank Goes Wild: Freezes The Bank Account Of Bankruptcy Debtor’s Boss
The Reason Why Your Auto Loans Are Going To Be Expensive
Before applying for a job always check the credit report
U.S. Supreme Court Makes It More Difficult To Pass Means Test By Reducing Car Allowances
Why Couples Should Discuss Credit Scores Before Marriage
What Exactly is an Auto Loan?
Chargebacks – A Consumer Protection – Could Soon Be in Dispute
How to Get In Financial Shape for a Bad Credit Auto Loan
Florida Supreme Court Expands Debtor’s Eligibility For ,000 Wildcard Personal Property Exemption
Make your future retirement plans more valuable with Roth IRA
Insanity and Interest
Bequest Through Parents’ Living Trust Protected In Bankruptcy
The Art of Locating Bad Credit Auto Loans That Should Work For You
Credit Report Resellers Must Now Safeguard Information Transfers
Borders Files for Reorganization Under Chapter 11
Weekly Roundup: Blog Picks 2/18/11
Debtor Wants To Pre-Pay Divorce With Non-Exempt Money Prior To Bankruptcy
Credit Repair Dallas TX
Matercard’s President: Addressing the “D” Word
Obtaining a Bad Credit Auto Loan From a Bank
Virtual Credit Cards Can Help Protect Credit Reports
Bankruptcy Estate Includes Future Lawsuit: Judicial Estoppel Dismisses Suit Not Listed In Bankruptcy Schedules.
Why is California Hard Hit By Home Foreclosures?
Bankruptcy Debtors Often Try To Hide Their Own Claims And Potential Lawsuit Recoveries
Low Credit Scores Can Equal Higher Mortgage Payments
What should I do with a home foreclousre?
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Mortgage Mediation Seems To Be Working Well
Education Needed to Fight Credit Score Myths
How Bankruptcy Can Help
Reasonable Attorneys Fees For Chapter 7 Is Subject Of Bankruptcy Court Order
History of Credit and Credit Scores [INFOGRAPHIC]
Who Is a Foreclosure Attorney?
Debt consolidation calculator – Calculators help to pay off debts
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee May Challenge Increased Unsecured Debt Within Six Months Prior To Filing
Stop Foreclosure Now!
IRS Offers Tax Payment by Credit Card Through Third-Party Providers
Chapter 13 Debtor Opposition To Late Filed Unsecured Claim
11 Things You Can’t Get With Bad Credit [INFOGRAPHIC]
California Foreclosure and Short Sale Trends
Can Debtors File Joint Bankruptcy Petition If One Spouse Is In Prison?
Set a Vacation Budget to Avoid Debt and Stress Later
Document Your Receipts
What is Obama Home Foreclosure Program?
Five Reasons California was Hit Hard by the Foreclosure Crisis
Joint Debtors Can Stack Their Chapter 13 Debt Ceilings In Some Cases
Using Your Tax Refund to Pay Credit Card Bills
Steps and action plan to improve your credit score
Debtors Strip Their Second Mortgage Without Having To File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
California Foreclosure – What are the Banks Doing?
High Credit Scores Could Help You Pay Less for Your Education
Chapter 13 Success Enhanced With Voluntary Automatic Wage Deduction Payments
California Foreclsoure Evictions and You
When do you need the immediate help struggling with debts?
Sony Security Breach Reminds Us of the Importance of Credit Monitoring
Should Annuity Proceeds Recently Received Be Included As Income In Chapter 13 Payment Calculation?
Does Parent’s Chapter 13 Expense Schedule Include His Monthly Payments For Child’s Car?
A High Score Equals a Low Rate, So Refinance Before It’s Too Late
Don’t Let One Bad Score Prevent Your Spring Credit Scores From Blooming
Chapter 7 Discharge Of Attorney Fee Sanctions From Divorce Proceeding
Shop Until Your Credit Score Drops: Advice for Shopaholics From Billy Bad Score
Improving Means Test Results By Incurring Car Debt
Credit report errors and its effect on consumer’s creditworthiness
Bankruptcy Court Says Debtor Can Claim Wildcard Exemption Where Debtor Intends To Retain Upside Down House
Hunting for that Elusive Summer Job?
Debtor Forfeits IRA Exemption
How Does Mortgage Delinquency Affect Your Credit Score?
Credit report errors and its effect on consumer’s creditworthiness
Five Things you Need to Know About Home Foreclosure
Best Way For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Debtor To List His Interest In His Insolvent Business
Hunting for that Elusive Summer Job?
The effectiveness of debt consolidation: should you try?
A High Score Equals a Low Rate, So Refinance Before It’s Too Late
3 Good Credit Scores Can Seal Your Wedding Day Bliss
Can Joint Bankruptcy Filing Claim Entireties Exemption When Spouses Have Separate Debts?
Payroll Tax Holiday on the Way Out?
Dinner With My Family #30: Stuffed Bell Peppers
Making sense of the day, but what to expect next…
Links Aug 25
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A failure of politics
Business Recovery Services
Forensic Accountants UK
Bringing order to the unruly world of early stage entrepreneurship
Lesbians Denied Adoption Tax Credit
Developing Leadership Talent
War Imminent in Straits of Hormuz? 0 a Barrel Oil?
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The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Freedom Edition
Important forecasts for the stock market in 2012 …
How to achieve your New Year resolutions
2 savings accounts you must have
Twilio raises second microfund from angels McClure, Conway
Corporate blog: how to blog for business
How the IRS Chooses Who To Audit
Weekly Rate Spotlight – WYMAR Federal Credit Union Offering 2.27% APY 24-Month CD
FXCM Forex Broker Review 2012 – Ratings, Pros, Cons, Comparisons
Shop Around for Car Repairs (44/365)
Tax advice of the week: Act to avoid the pensions ceiling
A highly unusual TRIGGER event for a great boom …
Euro ministers agree on a Greece deal | Feb 21st, 2012
Communiqué on the Inauguration of the High Level Panel on Illicit Financial Flows from Africa
Some More Candid Truths About Your Corporate Blog
Fifth of life insurance claimants aged under 44
Discover More No-Fee, 0% Balance Transfer Expiring
Weekly Rate Spotlight – North Country FCU Offering 2.80% APY 60-Month CD – Northern Vermont
Why the debt ceiling debate won’t stop America’s small businesses
Group to Sue IRS for Regulating Tax Preparers
Tax advice of the week: Lower VAT with the flat rate scheme
Adobe Stock (ADBE) Quote, Price, Split, Chart, History, Target
The value of 62 milliseconds
Segment Their Allowance (79/365)
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How You Can Profit from the “Year with No Winter”
Manage your Corporate Blog
Are You Playing the Mega-Millions Lottery?
Changing ISA limits: What do they mean for you?
Income tax: the ‘Livingstone loophole’ remains open
The Factors Lenders Use to Evaluate Your Mortgage Application
Links May 3
Planning Your Corporate Blog
Procter Gamble Stock (PG) Price, Today, Quote, Split, History
Transcript: 8 Shocking New Forecasts for 2012 and Beyond
Can China save the day? or should I say month…
Four Tactics to Ensure Credit Card Safety Online
Get 100k Bonus Miles from British Airways
Tax advice of the week: Renovate empty property
Are The Europeans About To Start The Second Half Of Our Great Depression?
Use LED Bulbs in Certain Places (150/365)
Q & A: Uncovering the hidden agenda
Business and Pleasure – Can they be Mixed in Taxation?
The Corporate Blog Vs Social Networking Sites
Links Jun 4
Credit Union Assets Top Trillion, Still Small By Bank Standards
Baidu Stock (BIDU) Price, Chart, News, Split, Analysis, Target
Plant Shade Trees (169/365)
Should you switch banks to M&S?
This leading indicator works for me … now put it to work for you!
Should Dividend Payment Dates Matter?
Helsinki Transfer Pricing Conference: the presentations
Euro crisis is now about avoiding an even larger Lehman moment | will they be forced to nationalise the banks?
ING Direct Offering 2 Bonus for New Accounts Before Independence Day
Rihanna in Hot Soup with IRS, Sues Accountants
Make a Grocery List Before You Go (192/365)
Why it’s time to sell your holiday home
Links – 13-16th July 2012
Priceline Stock (PCLN) Price, Chart, Symbol, Split, Performance
UK Payments Council to be stripped of powers as govt seeks ‘fresh start’ | finextra
ETFs Behaving Badly or User Misunderstanding?
Is Designing Your Own Mortgage an Attractive Idea?
Everybody Wants Your Money
Strategic Management – New Thinking For a Crisis Economy
Ten Pieces of Inspiration #86
Italian Budget vote passes – Nov. 8th
OECD Insight Blog: Tax paying made easier
As video chat becomes easier, text chats still rule
Milwaukee Neurosurgeon Convicted of Tax Evasion
The Fiscal Cliff
What to do if the RBS mess has affected you
NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) Chart, Price, History, Value, Today, Per Share
“Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier?” Rajan 2005 Jackson Hole
Consider an Alternative Living Situation (245/365)
The U.S. tax story
Central Bank Fantasy Land vs. Real World Nightmare
Brand Loyalty in Today’s Scenario
Bill Bernstein on Successful Investing
Fly away with American Airlines Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage Visa Signature credit card offer
Job creation: Where are the startups?
Don’t Spend to Impress (265/365)
Government of Canada introduces payments code of conduct addendum that anticipates smart phone apps, but potentially at the cost of less product innovation
Uncounted ownership: Time to stop hiding?
Offshore Accounts Dilemma
What Will Increased Stability in Europe Mean For Interest Rates?
Gold ETF Trading Signals and Strategies – Long, Short, Leverage
The Weekend Restock
New Era of Monetary EXPLOSION! What will happen?
What’s the best self-select Isa for regular investors?
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Popularity and Earning Potential
Royal Canadian Mint takes on digital cash
Barclaycard Ring: The “Crowdsourced” Credit Card
Trouble with Outstanding IRS Tax Lien
Ten Pieces of Inspiration #98
Microsoft Stock Price (MSFT) Today, Chart, Price, Analysis, Target
Links Nov 9
ING DIRECT: Will it be a 360-Degree Change?
My Challenge to S&P, Moody’s, and Fitch: Downgrade the Debt of the United States Before We Run Off the Fiscal Cliff!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Payments networks are vulnerable to competition
Leverage Competing Deals (329/365)
Loans, optimism scarce for most small businesses
Jersey confirms that Son of FATCA is on its way
Tips for Charity Donations by IRS
Savings and CD Rate Update – December 3, 2012
Bank of America Stock (BAC) Price, Quote, History, Today, Target
Search Google for a new mortgage
Ten Pieces of Inspiration #104
How to put the power of Weiss’ global bank ratings to work for you!
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BMO and Monitise ink a partnership
The Durbin Amendment – Effective or Counterproductive?
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!
Insurers turn to tech to shape the value curve
Inside the Fiscal Cliff Deal
Who Has The Best Free Online Checking Account?
How Having Debt Helped Me Learn To Love Cooking
AIG May Sue the Government for Charging Too Much to Save It
Consolidation Likely As Overbought Markets Wait On Next Catalysts
How Daring Are You?
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First Frost: Buy Cyclicals
Is it time to kill off Santa?
Mark Carney: Inside the mind of the next BoE Governor
Spencer Dale: UK faces ‘long and painful’ road to recovery
How to Tell If You’re Rich
BoE’s McCafferty: QE May Have Lost Effectiveness
Blind group on Milford Track ‘an inspiration’
MARKET CLOSE NZ market sold off after inflation drop
How to Choose the Right Checking Account
5 Tax Tips for the New Year
Wonga launches Paylater loans on retailer website
Haggle? Yes, an Amateur Can Do It
Buying Your Way Around Roth IRA Contribution Limits?
Dwolla to Team Up With State of Iowa
Prices are up, but homes are in short supply data shows massive growth in Q4 sales volume
Great Things About Car Title Loans
Getting the Biggest Reward for Your Risk
How Much Is It Worth?
Personal Finance Blog of the Week – JoeTaxpayer
CMS announces 500 organizations will participate in bundled payment initiative
Inflation Report paints grim picture for UK growth
Bank of England cuts UK growth forecasts: reaction
Rebound Likely As Earnings, Data Keep Economic Hopes Alive
What You Need to Know Whiplash Claims
AG will not inquire into purchases KiwiRail rolling stock
Morningstar Equities ALZ, ARI, FPH, FPH-NZ, FXL, MGR, NAB
6 Signs Your Tax Preparer Is Incompetent
The Greatest Investor in the World Is…
Barnes and Noble Customers Find Out Their Bank Account Information Was Stolen One Month Later
Japan Machine Tool Orders Due On Tuesday
Don’t Forget These Documents When Preparing Your Taxes
Do your kids go to an academy school? I’ve a job for you
Lending Club Update – February 2013
Links Feb 13
Car buyers beware warns
Reform should increase availability of basic bank accounts
7 magnificent ways that using PR can benefit your business
Hostess workers eligible for training, assistance
The Best EPS Estimates
Inching Into Dark Pools
5 Steps to Take After Being Denied a Loan
Decade award for Lord Wolfson
Digital health entrepreneurs awarded startup investment
Why the MPC may yet plump for more quantitative easing
Parents and Children’s Material Needs
Free AntiVirus Software for your PC
NZOG in trading halt, Tunisian oil field announcement due
ASX-listed MOD Resources raises A.5M in placement
You Can’t Avoid Risk
Q&A – Need the book Economics from the Heart of Samuelson?
The Bond Bull’s Last Run
Traders Nervous Ahead Of Budget Sequestration
The Challenge of Defining Wealth
Newsletter March 2013
Australia GDP Rises 0.6% In Q4
Apple in Small Bites
Going With the Gurus
Gender directive could slash men’s annuity payouts
A generation of Muslims not able to go to university?
PM: Interest rates ‘real’ economic test
Girl Scout sisters sell more than 1,300 boxes of cookies
Bank of England shies away from more QE
SFO running two investigations into Christchurch rebuild
Student Money Management Tips is looking for fresh ideas and new stories
Churning Credit Card Offers: Rewarding, But Dangerous
The Elusive Goal of Financial Independence
Quizzle Top 5 Weekly Must-Reads – March 24, 2013
Should You Pay Your Children for Good Grades?
Banks – more slippery than politicians
Uneasy Optimism Prevails Amid Mixed Durable Goods Orders Data
80% of people planning to get a new car will opt for a used vehicle says
Female renters say having a garden is just as important as the rent
Answer to the question: What books do you recommend for increasing financial intelligence?
Chase Slate – 15 Month 0% Balance Transfer With No Fee!
Golfers Make This Tragic Mistake… And So Do Investors
Obama Backing Cell Phone Calls From Debt Collectors
WSJ’s Portfolio Manager
Does Chase QuickPay Really Live Up to its Promise?
U.S. Service Index Indicates Slower Growth In March
European Central Bank poised for rate cut to ease euro pain
MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares fall; F&P Healthcare, Fletcher drop
Asian stocks up, Japan’s Nikkei extends gains
Trading Results April 9, 2013
Don’t Let Yourself Get Caught In A Debt Trap
MARKET CLOSE NZ shares extend slide as kiwi gains
Meet Jim, my millionaire next door
Bust Debt and Fat
This is Money tops social media influencer poll
Time to Play Rising Natural Gas Prices
Speaking the Same Language as Your Accountant
Simon Says: How to Open a U.S. Bank Account Overseas
Diversify your Traffic Sources
The battle between accountants and investment managers
Is Buying A New Car Really Worth it?
New report identifies how insurance brokers can boost their business
Bitcoins: Digital Gold for the Digital Age
Simple things you can do to reduce your spending
Success Trade Accused of Fraud
Lending Club Review [My Personal Experience]
Answer to the question: I ws told tht day trading is nt fr beginners.what are the steps to be taken to reach day trading level?
U.S. New Home Sales Rebound By 1.5% In March
Brand New at Brokers
Kiwi habits, deregulation blamed for ‘broken’ safety culture
Double Our Daily Goal Today – 4/30/2013
MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares fall ahead of MRP sale close
Risk Appetite Abounds As Jobs Report Surprise To Upside
The Martian – the most gripping book I’ve read in a long time (and it cost 77p)
How to prepare for a home appraisal
Fighting for savers’ rights
Steps To Take When It Feels Like Home Ownership Is Out Of Reach
Is it possible to live debt free?
No, Swiss bankers have not dropped opposition to automatic information exchange
Social media to transform insurance underwriting
New infographic highlights people’s insurance buying habits
Checking Accounts Ditch Direct Deposit From Fee-Waiver Criteria
Protect Your Winnings
The Rise of a Stock-Market Blogger
Quizzle Top 5 Weekly Must-Reads – May 12, 2013
U.S. Import Prices Drop 0.5% Amid Lower Fuel Prices
Cool ways to vett for the proper representation
Mortgage borrowers warned interest rates ‘should be 2pc’
Financial data at risk from unsafe passwords
First Coast Tea Party says it was targeted by IRS
Demand for fixed mortgages hits all-time high
Are Private Traders Trailing Behind?
Health and safety guidelines for directors launched
ChCh Businesses Respond To Demand For Variety and Quality
Results May 21 & May 22
How I cut my spending in half to take a job I loved
More money, more happiness: Do you think money can buy happiness?
Regulating Debt Buyers
Why Are Checks So Expensive from Banks?
Why the introduction of “Simple Financial Products” may do more harm than good
Avoid the Pitfalls of Permanent Debt
Using a digital agency to grow your online business reveals over 40% of people will borrow to fund their next car purchase
Income Generators
How Can A Loan Help You Out Of Debt?
Algorithms for the Masses
U.S. Manufacturing Index Drops To Nearly Four-Year Low In May
6 tips for lean revenue cycle management
Estate Planning: Update Your Beneficiaries
Best buys on French mortgages drop to 3pc
Best buy savings that only last two days
Cautious Traders Deriving Optimism From Market Momentum
United Airlines to Offer Subscription Packages for Fliers
World Week Ahead: More weakness in China
Top 5 Best Coin Storage Solutions
Trading Results June 6, 7, & 10, 2013
While you were sleeping: Stimulus outlook sinks stocks
Refund, or no refund?
Will Social Security be gone before I retire?
Lindsay Lohan Loses 0,000 to Lawyer Fees
Offshore race to bottom fosters shadow insurance industry, “may need bailout”
Debt Collectors Using Social Media to Track Down Debtors
Think outside of the box and promote your businesses
Scott returns from trade mission to good news
The Biggest Investment Opportunity the World Has Ever Known
An Investment Primer
Eurozone Ministers Agree On Bank Rescue Rules
Not even a mention, Mr Gove? Plus breaking the quiet carriage rules due to Financial Education tip off
Libor scandal: regulators launch global review
Millions told they will have to work longer or cut spending to pay the mortgage
How to Profit From the Fed-Induced Sell-off
Asian markets move ahead in leaps and bounds
Retirees Feeling Increasingly Secure About Finances
Student Loan Rates Rise As Congress Takes a Vacation: 5 Things to Know for the Week
While you were sleeping: US manufacturing brightens
Monthly Trading Results June, 2013
Super powers can be yours
How Dave Ramsey helped me pay off 0,000 in debt
The Cost of Raising Kids (Infographic)
The Nuts and Bolts of Obamacare
Top Business Tips: Saving Money on your Energy Consumption
Effectiveness of RPM technology in doubt
Gold Bugs: Still Wrong
Check the Buzz on Apple
U.S. Consumer Sentiment Unexpectedly Shows Modest Drop In July
Mixed Data, Positive Citi Earnings Could Help Preserve Momentum
‘Middle-income graduates pay the most for student loans’
Are savings rates on the mend?
MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares fall with MRP to join NZX50
DayTrading Results July 18, 2013
Precinct reports no major Wellington damage, hires assessor
Press Release: TJN responds to OECD Action Plan on corporate tax avoidance
How financial milestones have changed over the years
House flipping puts Jacksonville on the map
Deal Reached on Student Loan Interest Rates
Why Detroit’s bankruptcy affects you
Hotel Scams: 3 Sneaky Ways Your Credit Card Number Can Be Stolen
Natural Gas Is Primed for a Big Move
Keep an Eye on Gold
Banks urged to come clean over £850m blizzard of interest rate cuts
U.S. Factory Orders Rise Less Than Expected In June
New Website Set Up by Debt Collectors Seeking Respect
Finally, Checking Account Overdraft Laws Demystified
Australia cuts interest rates to all-time low as end of mining boom looms
College Loans are Keeping Students In Debt
DayTrading Results August 9, 2013
NZ dollar rises as investors unwind bets on Fed tapering
Harlequin Public House Brings History Full Circle
Empowering support staff
The age of the entrepreneur
How can helping others help you?
Feeding the World… and Making Big Profits
New Assets to Trade Online
Lenders Start Looking at “Unscoreables”
Positive Retail Earnings May Improve Market Mood
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Power Trading System Daily Results August 29, 2013
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Prospecting for Gold in Nevada
Japan Core Machine Orders Flat In July
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Homemade Ultralight Backpacking Water Filter
First-time buyers look to cheaper properties abroad
Mitek to Simplify Account Opening on Mobile Devices
Healthcare prices flat through August
Can Frugality Enhance Your Attractiveness?
MYOB cloud uptake at 50%
MARKET CLOSE: NZX 50 at record on unchanged Fed, growth
DayTrading Results September 3, 2013
Bargain Hunting May Result In Modest Strength
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Czech Producer Price Inflation Unexpectedly Rises
Toughen Up SEC Rules
Watchdog to probe tracker mortgage rate rises
How to Building a Business With Detective Work
New Zealand First party “making a big mistake” says ALCP
US unemployment aid applications drop to 358,000
Frugal and fetching
Meridian shares priced at .50, bottom of anticipated range
Bank of America Makes It Slightly Easier to Avoid Overdraft Fees
Is Perma-Bearishness a Form of Mental Illness?
Another Winning Day – 10/22/2013
Saturday PS: Growing the economy – back to Plan A
Citizens Financial Group Sells Off Chicago Bank Branches
What a trip around the world taught me about money
Will the Gas Tax Be Replaced by a Mileage Tax?
Twick or Tweet?
Digital call recording and your business
Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence At 2-1/2-year High
New Online Broker Bucks the Tide
‘I’m not fixing because there’ll be a huge rise when it ends’
Help To Buy raises the roof at RBS as mortgage calls double
Government lags on workforce projections
MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares rise, led by Metlifecare
Bailed out banks criticised for short-changing Help to Buy home buyers
How To Minimise Future Debts
Lack Of Significant News May Lead To Choppy Trading
MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares mixed; Chorus, Sky TV fall, KIP gain
Daily Trading Results Friday November 8, 2013
Budgeting for the present and future
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5 Jobs That Provide Rent-Free Living
The Psychology of Social Security Claiming
Links Nov 15
Oil Is Cheap, and May Get Cheaper
TradeKing, Gain Unite
Belgium Business Confidence Improves More Than Expected
How to Make Dough
How interest rate predictions have changed in 2013
Xbox One sales hit 1 million on first day
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What You Need to Tell Your Kids Today
Winery enterprise wins South Island Farmer of the Year
Trading Results November 12, 2013
Marriage and money: Sharing the load
Three money lessons I’ll teach my daughter
3rd Gangbuster Month in a Row for New Commercial Vehicle Sa
Report Finds Fewer Underwater Mortgages Among Atlanta Homeowners
Five Signs You Have A Debt Problem
Saturday PS: The economy – (u)-turning the corner
The true cost of owning a car
More Americans Traveling This Thanksgiving
Different student loans
Is Your Stock Too Risky?
A crisis in physician recruitment
Flowers for businesses – enhancing your business environment
How to Deal With Money Complaints From Friends
Worst. Advice. Ever.
Charts: How FLS has pushed down savings rates
Markets Hope For Continued Fed Support
Holiday Gifts from Fidelity and TD Ameritrade
Accelerating Inflation Triggers Fears Of Rate Hike By RBI
Komli Media Powers Leading Real-Time Advertising
Millions of homeowners ‘may need second job’ if interest rates rise, BoE warns
From OECD Financial Secrecy to African Child Mortality: new paper
My credit cards fund my luxuries
NZ dollar little changed
Day Trading Results 11/6/2013
I’m writing today and I feel like I’m skiving
Saturday PS: The British economy – X (still) marks the spot
Big Apple Creates First New York Green Bank
5 tips for better success when investing in P2P loans
Finding the Prophets
It’s Not an Emergency, But…
Target confirms encrypted PIN data stolen
2014: The Year of the Comeback
One in 11 people worry they can’t pay rent
Japan CPI +1.5% On Year In November
A Novel ETF Manager
Weekly Wrap: Big Changes Ahead
Update for Macraes Goldfield
How to Pay Off Student Loans Now
It is high time we raised interest rates and returned to normality
5 surprising reasons you might want life insurance
Trading Results January 13, 2014
SST Launches New Website and Offender Databases
Texas Margins Tax Helps Businesses Save on Deductions
A world without ‘death panels’
Online merchant systems
Super debt: That’s just about the size of it
3 Genius Apps Take the Guesswork Out of Credit Card Rewards So You Earn More
mBraining for success
New TJN website: coming very soon
Struggling Co-op raises rate on easy access savings account best buy
Housing market recovery to continue next year
Darden looking to spin off or sell Red Lobster
Altier Credit Union at 2.50% APY
Google Ban on Porn Ads Welcomed
New online marketing guide for insurance brokers launched worldwide on Amazon
Trading Results 6/6 and 6/9/2014
Saturday PS: It’s that strategy again!
Isis Insurance Testimonial
Why rising interest rates won’t help savers
My secret life as a BBC reporter (the videos)…
Lending Club Review
MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares fall, led by Warehouse
Generating value with new payment models
With Britain forging ahead it’s a good time to cut Mark Carney some slack
How to Create an Online Video Marketing Strategy
Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards Program Unveiled
What Free Checking Can Really Mean at RBFCU
Trading Results 6/25 & 6/26
MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares fall to end quarter little changed
Sentiment Firmer Amid Quiet Geopolitical Activity
Satruday PS: A quick note on high tech
House price predictions: up 9pc this year, 6pc in 2015 – if rates don’t rise too quickly
Monday Marketing Reading
Links Jan 16
Safe hands in the air – and in the surf
Ad watch – NatWest’s 0%uch ad is dangerously misleading
Mortgages you can fix for 30 years expected ‘within months’
QLDC backs Wanaka’s Gigatown Bid
Trading Results!
Saturday PS: Hallucinating red-tape “savings”
What to Do When Rates Rise and Where You Should Invest
Betterment Review
How shifting interest rate predictions are affecting savings deals
Calls to action – do you have them?
Wellington paints city red for WOW®
Drug shortages drain hospital dollars
Mortgages: ‘I gambled on interest rates and lost £3,000′
Come to The Martin Lewis Money Show Roadshow in Manchester and Sheffield
First Tech Federal Credit Union at 1.58% APY
Trading Results October 1, 2014
Feedback and review systems
Job Optimism Lingers Amid Lack Of Catalysts
Do tax cuts promote growth? Part MCXIV
Work gets underway to improve Warkworth’s SH1/Hill Street
Saturday PS: Don’t mind the gap
Paying Out of Pocket for Health Care: Medical Credit Cards vs. Credit Cards
Falling inflation should not delay interest rate rises
S&P 500 closes above 1,800 for first time
10 plugins for insurance websites
ATEED welcomes Māori development commitment
Solving financial problems is easier with the help of payday loans
Trading Results 10/20/2014
Last call for The Money Awards entries!
Keep interest rates low for longer, says Bank deputy
RBFCU’s Really Free Checking Gives San Antonio Shoppers Cash Back
Radio New Zealand’s CEO defends Fiji election coverage
Saturday PS: Britain’s EU contributions – a 30 years’ war
MoneySaving health warning…

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