When Should I Contact a U.S. Trustee?

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Nov 13 2010

When Do I Meet With a US Trustee for Bankruptcy? Most people meet with the trustee after they file the initial paperwork for Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13. Other types of bankruptcy are reserved for different types of organizations. The trustee will be the person who meets with the judge to discuss the debtor’s situation. The trustee will ask the debtor questions to determine his case.

What Do I Contact One? Generally, a person only contacts the trustee when he first files for bankruptcy and before his case goes to trial. The US trustee will let a person filing for bankruptcy know what he needs to do and if he fails to turn over documents to a trustee, he may have to go before a judge. Most people will never see a judge in their case. A judge will only order a debtor to come before him if he suspects that the debtor might be guilty of fraud.

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