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How to Create an Online Video Marketing Strategy

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Jun 27 2014

A well-made video communicates to your target audience in ways that other marketing tools don’t. Though online video will not replace direct mail, trade shows and websites as effective sales and marketing methods, it can enhance these marketing tactics to make them more interesting and effective.

If you are hesitant to launch an online video marketing program, consider this statistic: 52% of consumers say that watching online product videos makes them more confident in the purchase decisions they make on the web, Invodo reports.

An effective and high-quality online video marketing strategy however, requires planning, forethought and a consistent effort. To create a memorable video library that engages and delights the customer requires three essential ingredients: content, promotion and measurement.

The first task in creating your video marketing strategy is to choose your video topics. The most effective sales videos focus on the needs of your target audience that are difficult to communicate effectively via direct mail or other marketing mediums.

If you are having trouble finding the right topics to discuss in your videos, let your market research be your guide. After you discuss your company history and mission in your first few videos, talk about how your product or service solves your target audience’s most pressing personal or business problems.

Most importantly, make sure that your videos are interesting – instead of irrelevant and boring. If yo

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Generating value with new payment models

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Jun 24 2014

In an effort to survive and thrive in the transition to value-based payment models, New Jersey’s Hackensack University Medical Center launched an experiment, which, so far, looks promising.

“I think we’re not trying to boil the ocean,” said Robert Glenning, executive vice president and CFO of HUMC, during a session at the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s annual ANI conference this week. “We’ve got some very, very clear goals and we understand that those goals aren’t really the complete picture…But if we go with trying to boil the ocean kind of strategy, than nothing of substance is going to come.”

Part of HUMC’s experiment into transitioning to value-based models has been to set up Hackensack Alliance ACO.

The key to making the transformation, said Glenning and his co-presenter, Cynthia Ambres, MD, a partner at KPMG’s Global Healthcare Center of Excellence, is clinical integration.

“You’re not going to get anywhere without” physician buy-in, said Ambres.

To achieve clinical integration, they said, organizations need to move from episodic care to population management by developing and cultivating infrastructure at all levels of care delivery, managing transitions of care across all sites of service and between clinicians, and adopting clinical treatment protocols.

Launched in April 2012, Hackensack Alliance ACO features a select group of primary care physicians contracting through the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Practices are certified as

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MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares fall, led by Warehouse

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Jun 20 2014

June 20 New Zealand stocks fell, led by Warehouse Group after the countrys largest listed retailer cut its full-year profit forecast.

MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares fall, led by Warehouse after profit warning

June 20 New Zealand stocks fell, led by Warehouse Group after the countrys largest listed retailer cut its full-year profit forecast.

The NZX 50 Index slid 47.122 points, or 0.9 percent, to 5145.032. Within the index, 38 shares fell, seven rose and five were unchanged. Turnover was $227 million.

Warehouse was the worst performer on the benchmark, dropping 7.8 percent to a 17-month low of $3.06. Warehouse said it expects adjusted full-year profit of $59 million to $62 million, down from its March forecast for $67 million to $71 million, and lower than last years $73.7 million.

Warehouse, which makes about 70 percent of sales from its red shed general discount stores, said it was selling seasonal stock at reduced margins to avoid having too much left at the end of the season. The company, which is acquiring other businesses in an attempt to grow earnings outside of its red sheds, said Torpedo7, which is being integrated with RR Sport, No.1 Fitness and, also failed to meet profit expectations as sales lag forecasts.

Clearly Warehouse has been the focus of attention today, said Rickey Ward, NZ equity manager at JBWere in Auckland.

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Why rising interest rates won’t help savers

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Jun 17 2014


Rising interest rates will offer little respite to savers because returns on deposit accounts have “disconnected” from the official Bank Rate, a director of a leading savings provider has said.

James Blower, head of savings at Shawbrook Bank, which regularly tops the best-buy tables, said savers should expect only marginally better best-buy deals because most banks have no desire to attract deposits.

“The big banks have dropped lending to focus on other things, whether investigations into foreign exchange trading or dealing with a mis-selling legacy. Banks have to be able to lend cash out to justify attracting money in, and every time it looks as if the focus will return to the bread and butter of banking – deposits and lending – something emerges that diverts attention.”

Last Thursday Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, said interest rates would rise earlier than expected – perhaps as soon as this year. Economists believe the Bank will act slowly, nudging rates higher by as little as 0.25 percentage points at a time. This means it could be many years before rates return to the 5pc levels seen before the financial crisis, if at all.

Savings rates are likely to lag behind rises because banks only act when they are spurred by competition from rival companies.

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New online marketing guide for insurance brokers launched worldwide on Amazon

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Jun 07 2014

Speedie Consultants, the digital marketing specialists, have launched an e-guide aimed at insurance and finance brokers entitled: Insurance Marketing Tips: 52 tips to transform your online marketing

Aimed at large and small brokers alike, the e-guide shows how to quickly boost a business’ online presence and create extra revenue.

Jason Hulott from Speedie Consultants says: “Rather than write a big book that is likely to dishearten brokers in to inaction, this e-guide provides 52 easy-to-digest tips, which should make it easier to read and implement”.

Topics include:

  • making your website work harder for you;
  • the use of content including guest posts;
  • advertising;
  • generating income while you sleep (eg. throu

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mBraining for success

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May 30 2014

Multiple Brain Integration Techniques are now core skills for leadership and many other areas of professional practice and New Zealand is leading the world in this new field.mBraining for success
Multiple Brain Integration Techniques are now core skills for leadership and many other areas of professional practice – and New Zealand is leading the world in this new field.

The evolution of leadership from ‘Great Man’ or Trait Theory, through behavioural and contingency theories, to newer complex adaptive, systemic and follower or relational theories all show how complex leadership is. What is also clear is that leadership is no longer just the domain of those in positions or role which have leadership in the title. Leaders are across the whole of any organisation and individuals lead formally and informally to generate desired change. And they need skills to do that effectively.

There is a clear call for a different type of leadership, yet often people are not empowered with information and skills as to how to lead differently.

mBIT offers a brand new approach to leading with impact: from managing self, through to connecting with self and others in a way which offers real and transformational change. mBIT

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