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Trading Results January 13, 2014

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Jan 11 2014

One word to describe this mornings trading.Bouncy. The market was very erratic on the NQ, if you were trading it this morning, you know. We took 3 NQ trades with 2 of them losing in the morning session so we had to come back in the afternoon to recoverand we did just that. We took 1 trade on the NQ which was a winner and 2 REALLY nice ES trades that you can see on the charts below. Our morning session resulted in us being down $340.00. The afternoon session, we ended up making $455.00 on only 3 trades. We got back our loss + profited on the day. This is all from trading about an hour this morning and only 50 minutes this afternoon. Guys and gals, losing trades are going to happen and there is no holy grail out there. It is all about how you deal with the losing trades emotionally, staying disciplined and following the system rules. Obviously knowing what trade to take and what trade not to take is an important step in trading and recovering and we teach you all of this in the Power Trading Course.

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Japan CPI +1.5% On Year In November

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Jan 02 2014

Consumer prices in Japan added 1.5 percent on year in November, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said on Friday – in line with expectations and up from 1.1 percent in October.

Core CPI was up 1.2 percent, exceeding forecasts for 1.1 percent and up from 0.9 percent in the previous month.

By individual component, prices for fuel spiked 5.7 percent, while transportation climbed 2.3 percent and food prices gained 1.9 percent.

Prices for housing and medical care were down 0.4 percent, and furniture prices eased 0.2 percent.

On a monthly basis, overall inflation and core CPI were both flat.

Consumer prices in the Tokyo region – considered a leading indicator for the nationwide trend – were up 0.9 percent on year in December, in line with expectations and unchanged from the November reading.

Core CPI for Tokyo added 0.7 percent on year – also matching expectations and up from 0.6 percent in November.

By individual component, fuel prices were up 3.8 percent, while food prices added 1.7 percent, recreation prices collected 1.5 percent and transportation costs gained 1.0 percent.

On a monthly basis, overall inflation was flat and core CPI eased 0.1 percent.

Also on Friday:

• The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said that retail sales in Japan climbed 4.0 percent on year in November, coming in at 11.580 trillion yen. T

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It’s Not an Emergency, But…

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Dec 30 2013

Its painful to sit on the sidelines while markets break new highs, as they are now. Its almost as painful as staying in the stock market as prices decline.

But some savvy investors are treading lightly these days. And the Investors Intelligence Advisors Sentiment readings are a big reason why. The readings are currently showing dangerously bullish levels not seen since the all-time high set back in 2007.

Does that mean the current bull market has reached its top? No, it doesnt. Overbought doesnt mean over, and the current bull run may still have many months left in it. But when you see readings like this, its cause for pause and to prepare for at least a correction to take place. (As Eric Fry points out in todays issue of The Daily Grind, it never hurts to be prudent.)

Todays Bulls Are Like My 4-Year Old

My son broke his elbow a couple of months ago after jumping on his bed when no one was looking. I always told him not to because he could fall and hurt himself. Of course, hed say: Im not going to fall. And most of the time, hes right. But the stakes are too high.

And this reminds me of the stock market today.

The reason the Advisors Sentiment indicators are in extreme bullish territory is that so many people are saying they arent going to fall.

Each week, Investors Intelligence reads more than 100 publications from newsletter writers and independent investment advisors.

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Saturday PS: The British economy – X (still) marks the spot

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Dec 26 2013

QUITE like old times these last few days with suggestions that Britain could eventually overtake Germany and become the biggest economy in Europe. I remember much the same thing being said about 20 years ago and were still waiting.

True, the source of the current prediction – the independent Centre for Economics and Business Research – gives it considerably more respectability than the original forecast, which would appear to have sprung full-grown from the head of the then Prime Minister John Major. Even so, I think its always wise to bear in mind the British economys near-limitless ability to disappoint.

Unpatriotic talk at the moment, I know. This, apparently, has been the turnaround year. All those people who spoke of a treble-dip recession back in January must be feeling pretty foolish now! Oh yes indeed. A period of silence on their part would be most welcome, eh what? This will be the last of five years of falling living stands, and in 2014 we will start to get better-off once more.

Normal service will be resumed. The Office for Budget Responsibility has said so.

Maybe. Maybe not. What is certain is that 2014 will be George Osbornes last full year as Chancellor before the general election and we are still no clearer than we have been since 2010 as to the underlying nature of Government economic policy.

Imagine two axes of contradiction.

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Day Trading Results 11/6/2013

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Dec 23 2013

This morning was a very bumpy road. With a couple NQ losers, a ES loser and lack of action in the afternoon, we took a loss on the day. It was unfortunate because a couple of the losers we had were 3 ticks in the money and stopped us out or stopped us out to the tick and turned around and we would have profited. It happens though and we have to move forward. Tomorrow is another day and we will make it back Here are todays trades: 

NQ 11-6  -12-12-12 = (-180) +4+6 BE = +50 +4+6 BE = +50 -12-12-12 = (-180) +4+6 BE = +50 +4+6+4 = +70   (-140.00) Trading the NQ   ES 11-5 -4-4-4 = (150.00) 

(-150.00) Trading the ES

Accelerating Inflation Triggers Fears Of Rate Hike By RBI

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Dec 16 2013

With Inflation in India at a 14-month high, fears of an interest rate hike by the nation’s central bank are ruling high despite the rationale that an upward adjustment to rate could deal another blow to economic activity.

The repo rate is expected to be lifted by a quarter point to 8.00 percent at a meeting on December 18. The repo rate is the rate at which the Reserve Bank of India lends to banks.

Governor Raghuram Rajan has raised the key rates twice this year after taking the helm at the central bank in September.

Stubbornly high inflation and subdued economic growth has continuously been conflicting factors on the rate decision. Rajan’s measures helped the rupee appreciate from a record low seen in August.

The acceleration in inflation is the latest trigger factor for rate hike concerns. Inflation based on the wholesale price index, rose to 7.52 percent in November, a 14-month high, from October’s 7 percent.

At the same time, consumer price inflation hit a record 11.24 percent in November, up from 10.17 percent the prior month.

On the economic activity front, industrial production decreased 1.8 percent year-on-year in October, reversing the previous month’s 2 percent increase. However, recent Purchasing Managers’ survey as well as gross domestic product suggested that the economy has bottomed out.

During the quarter ended September, India’s economic growth rose to 4.8 percent from a four-year low, on strong farm output figures.

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