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Trading Results 6/25 & 6/26

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Jun 29 2014

A Pretty volatile day today which was nice to see. Took us the full hour but we had a very nice day. We had 3 NQ trades and 2 ES trades which you can see the results below. The 1st 6E was a loser with the 2nd one Breaking even. the CL had 2 winners and 1 very small loser so up pretty nice for the day on Crude. It is having a very nice month. In any event we still have a couple seats left for our LIVE classroom training event in Jacksonville Florida. Get in touch for more details. We will see you all back here tomorrow:

Here are todays trades:

ES 6-26 +4+6+12 = +275.00

+275.00 Trading the ES NQ 6-26 +4+6+5 = +90 -12-12-12 = (180) +4 BE BE = +20

(70.00) Trading the NQ

6E 6-26 -6-6-6 = (225) Broke Even

(225.00) Trading the 6E

CL 6-26 +10+4 = +140 -2-2 = (40) +10+12 = +220

+320.00 Trading the Crude oil today

Wednesday June 25th Well the market moved a little bit today based on the last couple of weeks which was nice. I had a small profitable day on the NQ ES before having to leave for the day. The 1st trade on the 6E was a loser and the 2nd because we were getting close to a report we had gotten out with a +2+2 BE on the 2nd trade. The CL had 1 winner and 1 loser.

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Saturday PS: It’s that strategy again!

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Jun 12 2014

ANOTHER month, another set of labour-market numbers, these on Wednesday, that have left observers baffled as to the performance of Britain’s mighty jobs machine. Why everyone scratches their heads over the economy’s apparent ability to churn out new positions without stopping is, to me, the real puzzle here.

What is happening is that the policies of the despised Seventies are working, a little after time but you can’t hurry these things. The central insight behind the two big phases of Government activism in the Fright Decade (1971-1974 and 1975-1978) were that pay and price restraint was essential if the authorities were to seek to stimulate the economy in order to maintain high levels of employment.

Provided a lid were kept on earnings in particular, then the extra money released into the economy would generate more jobs, rather than simply bigger pay packets for the same number of workers. That is precisely what is happening now, with a fall in real (i.e. after inflation) earnings matched by a rise in the number of people in work. Similarly, after two years of falling real earnings – 1976 and 1977 – the unemployment figures started to turn down in 1978, although the recovery was derailed by the Winter of Discontent and the second oil shock following the Iranian revolution.

Indeed, unemployment today as measured by the claimant count – the only worthwhile measure, in my book, and the one that can be compared back over the decades – is about where it was in the late Seventies, at 1.09 million, especially when you consider that benefit eligibility criteria are considerably tighter now than they were then.

Any other differences? Just two. Pay

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Trading Results 6/6 and 6/9/2014

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Jun 09 2014

A pretty choppy day today on the NQ and not a lot of movement on the ES as usual. The morning brought us 3 NQ trades which 2 of them were losers and 1 ES trade that we took a little profit off. I came back in the afternoon and only 1 trade happened which was a small winner. That being said, we had a losing day. The 1st 6E trade was a winner this morning with the 2nd trade going 3 ticks in our favor before turning around and stopping us out. ! tick away from 2 more winners but it happens. The CL did not have a trade as it went straight up right from the open. We will be back at it tomorrow.

Here are todays trades:

ES 6-9 +4+4 BE = +100.00

+100.00 Trading the ES

NQ 6-9 +4+2 BE = +30 -12-12-12 = (180) -12-12-12 = (180) +4 BE BE = +20 Afternoon

(310.00) Trading the NQ

6E 6-9 +4+2 BE = +75.00 -6-6-6 = (225.00)

(150.00) Trading the 6E

CL 6-9 No Trades today

0.00 Trading the Crude oil today

Friday June 6th A fantastic Friday. We had 4 trades on the NQ that were all winners and finished in 35 minutes. The ES did not have a trade and we hit our goal with the NQ so no reason to stick around waiting for any more trades. The 6E had a GREAT day as well.

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Housing market recovery to continue next year

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Jun 04 2014

Recent improvements in the housing market should continue into next year, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML)

Gross lending is estimated to have increased to £12.9 billion in November, helped by the Funding for Lending scheme which provides banks and building societies with lower-cost funding, which they are then supposed to pass on as home loans and loans to small businesses.

House sales are increasing and the improvement looks set to continue into 2013, with around 950,000 property transactions, £156 billion of gross lending, and £12 billion of net lending expected.

The CML tempered its optimism with a warning that the weak economy could dampen demand for mortgages.

Bob Pannell, chief economist at the CML, said: Whereas the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) was conceived by the UK authorities to mitigate the worst impacts of a potential fresh credit crunch, its launch has in fact coincided with a more positive external funding environment, in part due to European Central Bank actions.

Given this more benign context, in our view the FLS now has the potential to underpin a modest pick-up in mortgage lending activity.

A key test, however, will be the extent to which greater borrower appetite materialises in response to better credit availability, he added.

Last year the CML estimated that 825,000 property transactions would take place in 2012, but activity has been stronger than expected with 930,000 transactions expected by the end of the year.

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Trading Results January 13, 2014

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Jan 11 2014

One word to describe this mornings trading.Bouncy. The market was very erratic on the NQ, if you were trading it this morning, you know. We took 3 NQ trades with 2 of them losing in the morning session so we had to come back in the afternoon to recoverand we did just that. We took 1 trade on the NQ which was a winner and 2 REALLY nice ES trades that you can see on the charts below. Our morning session resulted in us being down $340.00. The afternoon session, we ended up making $455.00 on only 3 trades. We got back our loss + profited on the day. This is all from trading about an hour this morning and only 50 minutes this afternoon. Guys and gals, losing trades are going to happen and there is no holy grail out there. It is all about how you deal with the losing trades emotionally, staying disciplined and following the system rules. Obviously knowing what trade to take and what trade not to take is an important step in trading and recovering and we teach you all of this in the Power Trading Course.

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Japan CPI +1.5% On Year In November

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Jan 02 2014

Consumer prices in Japan added 1.5 percent on year in November, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said on Friday – in line with expectations and up from 1.1 percent in October.

Core CPI was up 1.2 percent, exceeding forecasts for 1.1 percent and up from 0.9 percent in the previous month.

By individual component, prices for fuel spiked 5.7 percent, while transportation climbed 2.3 percent and food prices gained 1.9 percent.

Prices for housing and medical care were down 0.4 percent, and furniture prices eased 0.2 percent.

On a monthly basis, overall inflation and core CPI were both flat.

Consumer prices in the Tokyo region – considered a leading indicator for the nationwide trend – were up 0.9 percent on year in December, in line with expectations and unchanged from the November reading.

Core CPI for Tokyo added 0.7 percent on year – also matching expectations and up from 0.6 percent in November.

By individual component, fuel prices were up 3.8 percent, while food prices added 1.7 percent, recreation prices collected 1.5 percent and transportation costs gained 1.0 percent.

On a monthly basis, overall inflation was flat and core CPI eased 0.1 percent.

Also on Friday:

• The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said that retail sales in Japan climbed 4.0 percent on year in November, coming in at 11.580 trillion yen. T

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