MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares fall to end quarter little changed

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Jun 29 2014

June 30 New Zealand shares fell on the final day of the quarter and financial year-end, leaving the NZX 50 Index little changed in the past three months. Air New Zealand, Pacific Edge and Telecom Corp paced the days decline.

MARKET CLOSE: NZ shares fall to end quarter little changed; Air NZ drops

June 30 New Zealand shares fell on the final day of the quarter and financial year-end, leaving the NZX 50 Index little changed in the past three months. Air New Zealand, Pacific Edge and Telecom Corp paced the days decline.

The NZX 50 fell 2.769 points, or 0.1 percent, to 5141.477. Over the second quarter, the index slipped 0.1 percent. Within the index, 18 stocks fell, 19 rose, and 13 were unchanged. Turnover was $99.8 million.

The index turned negative late in the session even after ERoad confirmed talk that it would go public, announcing plans for a $40 million initial public offering before a listing on the NZX. Some investors had speculated the decision by Hirepool to withdraw from its IPO would deter other companies from seeking to sell shares.

Markets are rebalancing at the end of the month, said James Lee, head of institutional equities at First NZ Capital. The new listing market has not closed at all. It is just a sign that things have to be priced correctly and reflect the risks. First NZ is lead manager for the ERoad IPO.

Air New Zealand declined 2.4 percent to $2.08 and Pacific Edge, which markets a test for bladder cancer, declined 4.9 percent to 78 cents.

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Trading Results 6/25 & 6/26

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Jun 29 2014

A Pretty volatile day today which was nice to see. Took us the full hour but we had a very nice day. We had 3 NQ trades and 2 ES trades which you can see the results below. The 1st 6E was a loser with the 2nd one Breaking even. the CL had 2 winners and 1 very small loser so up pretty nice for the day on Crude. It is having a very nice month. In any event we still have a couple seats left for our LIVE classroom training event in Jacksonville Florida. Get in touch for more details. We will see you all back here tomorrow:

Here are todays trades:

ES 6-26 +4+6+12 = +275.00

+275.00 Trading the ES NQ 6-26 +4+6+5 = +90 -12-12-12 = (180) +4 BE BE = +20

(70.00) Trading the NQ

6E 6-26 -6-6-6 = (225) Broke Even

(225.00) Trading the 6E

CL 6-26 +10+4 = +140 -2-2 = (40) +10+12 = +220

+320.00 Trading the Crude oil today

Wednesday June 25th Well the market moved a little bit today based on the last couple of weeks which was nice. I had a small profitable day on the NQ ES before having to leave for the day. The 1st trade on the 6E was a loser and the 2nd because we were getting close to a report we had gotten out with a +2+2 BE on the 2nd trade. The CL had 1 winner and 1 loser.

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What Free Checking Can Really Mean at RBFCU

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Jun 28 2014

Most banks advertise free checking accounts, but are they really free? The word “free” is thrown around loosely to attract new banking customers, but there are a lot of hoops to obtaining a free banking service, usually.

What Free Checking Means to Other Institutions

Most standard, free checking accounts require individuals to either maintain a daily minimum balance in their accounts or to establish direct deposit. Even when those requirements are met, most banks have a variety of hidden fees associated with their accounts, as well.

Want to order checks? There is a fee. Have trouble keeping a minimum balance? There is a fee for that, too. Many banks also charge a monthly service fee, limit check writing or charge for online money transfers to other accounts. In the end, most banking customers are frustrated by how much their checking account actually costs them.

RBFCU Offers a Truly Free Checking Account

Is it too much to ask for a financial institution to offer a truly free checking account without a hidden agenda? Thankfully Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) in Austin understands what depositors really want in a free checking account. The credit union named its checking account the Really Free Checking account because RBFCU’s checking account is truly free unlike those offered by other banks and credit unions.

The Really Free Checking account does not require a minimum balance and does not charge monthly service fees. The c

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Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards Program Unveiled

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Jun 27 2014


Bank of America recently unveiled a new Preferred Rewards program that will begin to roll out across the nation in the coming months. This program aims at rewarding long-term Bank of America customers, as well as Merrill Edge customers for using the service for their investment needs. The aim of this program is to build current customer relations by rewarding those loyal to the company, and to help draw in new customers who are looking to benefit by becoming a customer of a bank for an extended period of time.

Preferred Rewards is the first program of its kind to offer clients benefits and rewards for everyday banking, said Dean Athanasia, president of Preferred Banking at Bank of America. It is the result of deep client research to develop and deliver a simple program that provides clients benefits and rewards they will actually use, and shows them how much we appreciate it when they choose to do more business with us.

The Bank of America Preferred Rewards program is eligible to customers with a Bank of America personal checking account who has maintained at least an average of $20,000 or more for three months across their checking, savings, and/or Merrill Edge Investment accounts. The more a customers balance begins to grow, the better benefits and rewards they are offered.

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How to Create an Online Video Marketing Strategy

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Jun 27 2014

A well-made video communicates to your target audience in ways that other marketing tools don’t. Though online video will not replace direct mail, trade shows and websites as effective sales and marketing methods, it can enhance these marketing tactics to make them more interesting and effective.

If you are hesitant to launch an online video marketing program, consider this statistic: 52% of consumers say that watching online product videos makes them more confident in the purchase decisions they make on the web, Invodo reports.

An effective and high-quality online video marketing strategy however, requires planning, forethought and a consistent effort. To create a memorable video library that engages and delights the customer requires three essential ingredients: content, promotion and measurement.

The first task in creating your video marketing strategy is to choose your video topics. The most effective sales videos focus on the needs of your target audience that are difficult to communicate effectively via direct mail or other marketing mediums.

If you are having trouble finding the right topics to discuss in your videos, let your market research be your guide. After you discuss your company history and mission in your first few videos, talk about how your product or service solves your target audience’s most pressing personal or business problems.

Most importantly, make sure that your videos are interesting – instead of irrelevant and boring. If yo

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With Britain forging ahead it’s a good time to cut Mark Carney some slack

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Jun 26 2014

“When the facts change, I change my mind.”

If Mark Carney is looking for a bit of ammunition with which to defend himself after Tuesday’s appearance in front of the Treasury Select Committee, he should look no further than the renowned economist John Maynard Keynes, who used just this response when criticised during the Great Depression that he had changed his position on monetary policy.

But this is not the Thirties, nor is Mark Carney simply a member of the Bank of England’s board, as Keynes was. The Monetary Policy Committee’s decision of when to raise interest rates will be symbolic. As David Miles, an external member of the MPC, reminded us this week, it will also be a clear signal that the economy is returning to full health.

On Tuesday, we found out the reasoning behind Mr Carney’s Mansion House speech earlier this month. The Governor was concerned that markets were not responsive enough to changes in the data. As one economist put it, the analogy of his message would be that it is time to take the “stabilisers off the bikes” of market participants.

“For all the critisicms of forward guidance the Governor appears to be feeling the need to remind markets that in the post-threshold guidance world, the formulation of market rate expectations should be more sensitive to volatility in the data than it has been,” said Sam Hill, an economist at RBC Capital Markets.


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