MoneySaving health warning…

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Nov 04 2014

It starts with something soft. You get 20% off at your favourite shop. Its so easy, you feel like doing it again, this time perhaps a code-stack or a bit of extreme couponing. Before you know it, youre hooked and every element of your financial life is being attacked to cut costs – mortgage, credit card, PPI reclaims and more.

Im afraid recently weve had a couple of emails from victims of such a habit, and I felt it was only responsible to publish them to alert others of the potential problem

Dear MoneySavingExpert, I am a total convert having taken time to do a financial review. Thanks to your wonderful recommendations and codes, in the last two months I have:

  • Sold books via Webuybooks
  • Changed my broadband, TV and phone package, saving more than £200 p/a
  • Booked a solicitor via Will Aid to get a cheaper deal on my will for £95
  • Bought Hi-Tec shoes using codes saving £20
  • Switched my phone, saving £125 pa
  • Switched my energy provider, saving over £200pa
  • Got an account with Gumtree and started selling unwanted stuff 
  • Written to my bank requesting repayment of unnecessary fees
  • Started a PPI claim for myself and my husband using your templates
  • Found a car boot sale that I will be using in the next few weeks
  • Found a better bank account 
  • Started a NISA
  • Booked a meeting with a financial advisor
  • Nearly paid off my credit card

I have also been inspired to change the way I use my money and am encouraging my family and friends to do the same. 

Thank you for the fantastic job you do.

Kind regards, Gill Acham

And its not just women who can catch this bug, the very next day after Gill emailed, we got this – the contagion is spreading…

Hi team,   Just a huge thank you to you and the team!

  • Today Ive just ordered a £400 VAX carpet cleaner for £140!
  • Ea

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Saturday PS: Britain’s EU contributions – a 30 years’ war

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Nov 02 2014

QUITE a week for time travel, what with the European Union “success surcharge” of £1.7 billion prompting memories of 30 years ago and Margaret Thatcher’s demand (largely although not entirely successful) for a British budget rebate at the Fontainebleau summit of 1984.

One particular memory has it that Mrs Thatcher ordered the appropriate UK functionaries to draw up legislation that would have given her the legal authority to withhold Britain’s EU contributions and let this fact leak out, thus concentrating the minds of the other EU members. David Cameron, it has been suggested, ought to dust off the draft law and get ready to put it on the statute book.

At which point, with a terrible sense of deflation, one realises that this is just not going to happen. Not because giants walked the earth in 1984 and only pigmies hold office today, but simply because this particular prime minister along with this particular Cabinet served by this particular group of senior officials is never going to do it.

In part, this is because life was easier 30 years ago. The European Community (as was) retained most of the features of an inter-governmental organisation, rather than the embryonic federation we see today. Mrs That

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Radio New Zealand’s CEO defends Fiji election coverage

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Nov 02 2014

WELLINGTON : Radio New Zealand has rejected claims its reporting of the Fiji general election in September was racist, unbalanced, and inaccurate.Radio New Zealands CEO defends Fiji election coverage
WELLINGTON : Radio New Zealand has rejected claims its reporting of the Fiji general election in September was racist, unbalanced, and inaccurate.

The head of Fijis Media Industry Development Authority , Ashwin Raj, made the accusations while speaking at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva last week.

He said the authority called for and received retractions and apologies from Radio New Zealand and Al Jazeera.

The chief executive of Radio New Zealand, Paul Thompson, rejected this.

Theres no way that thats a justified complaint, theres no grounds for that at all. Our coverage was balanced, thorough and robust, and thats what they didnt like about it and I think its a really unfair allegation.

Paul Thompson said no apology was asked for or given by Radio New Zealand.

RBFCU’s Really Free Checking Gives San Antonio Shoppers Cash Back

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Oct 30 2014

San Antonio is known for its major attractions, historic landmarks, local artists and shopping destinations that can enthrall tourists and residents alike. Whether you are shopping for back-to-school items or enjoying a night out at the theater, savvy buyers in San Antonio can earn cash back on every debit card purchase when they have a Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) Really Free Checking account.

RBFCUs Really Free Checking account has no surprise fees and allows depositors to earn dividends without a minimum balance requirement. Members earn money while spending money, as well, which makes RBFCUs checking account one of the best free checking accounts in San Antonio.

Freedom Check Card Rewards Spending in San Antonio

Considering Forbes rated San Antonio one of the top 10 best cities for shopping due to its variety and range of price levels, shoppers can save big with RBFCU’s Freedom Check Card that gives 10 cents back for every transaction, whether its for daily purchases or splurges. Members dont have a limit on how much they can be rewarded for using the card and arent subjected to an annual fee.

Its the ideal rewards program for budget-conscious shoppers because members earn cash back for using money directly from their checking accounts.

Really Free Checking Gives Members Easy Access to Funds

It takes about 15 minutes to open a Really Free Checking account and gain access to the benefits and cash back rewards. Members mus

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Keep interest rates low for longer, says Bank deputy

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Oct 29 2014


Interest rates should stay lower for longer because the UK economy is still navigating its way out of a crisis that may have permanently depressed pay growth, according to the deputy governor of the Bank of England.

Sir Jon Cunliffe said that while the recovery over the past year had “remained strong” and become more broadly based due to stronger business investment, weak wage growth remained the “cloud to the silver lining” for the UK economy.

He said the current environment of low inflation, which fell to a five-year low of 1.2pc in September, and weak wage growth, meant Bank policymakers could afford to delay rate rises.

“The softening in the pay and inflation data, together with the weaker external environment, for me implies that we can afford to maintain the current degree of monetary stimulus for a longer period than previously thought,” Sir Jon said in a speech on Tuesday.

The Great Recession had led to more workers accepting lower pay in real terms, Sir Jon said. “There appears to be little evidence of real wage resistance – the sharpness of the recession and the years of austerity that have followed it, appear to have caused a shift in the psychology of UK workers,” he said.

He also said that many workers were resigned to the fact that “pre-crisis pay levels are no longer achievable”.

“Real wages

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Last call for The Money Awards entries!

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Oct 28 2014

Businesses in the finance and insurance sectors are reminded that there are just five weeks left for them to enter The Money Awards.

The Money Awards are now in their 3rd year and celebrates excellence within companies as well as individuals who work in a money environment and in an eco-friendly and ethical way, whether it is product or customer services-based, or environmentally-related.

The bi-annual Awards spans the money industries and all types of businesses from small companies to large corporates.  There are 17 categories which can be entered in to.  The cost per entry is £250 including VAT.

Award Winners will get a free a press release announcing their win; an eye catching logo which can be used online and offline free of charge; Judges’ comments which can be reproduced free of charge; and a listing on The Money Awards site (if requested).

The closing date for entries is 1st December 2014.